My name is Melissa and I am a single mother of two beautiful children.
I have a wonderful son who is 3 and a half and a daughter who is two. I am blogging my life as I learn to adjust my life from one step to another and trying to find a way to keep up with my artistic hobbies while doing it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hard to keep up.

This past month has been insanely busy. Two kids to chase after, and I have to say so far in my experience girls are way more demanding then boys. Our little princess loves to have all eyes on her at all times, and she loves to smile and coo at us. Our son absolutely adores her as well. We went through a small bout of RSV. My son had it the worst and had stopped eating and drinking. He almost had to be put on the IV. For those of you who don't know what RSV is, its Respiratory Syncitial Virus, and there is nothing they can do but make sure the kids are ok and wait it ou. They ended up having to give both our kids the combi-vent to strengthen their lungs, and my son had to use a puffer for a couple weeks. I tell ya three days in the hospital with two kids is extremely exhausting. I'm just so glad they are ok. Our princess still has her cough and the doctor says it can last another month or so. Thought I would pop in and update while I had a chance. Though how often I will be able to update will vary considering I am looking into going back to work soon. As soon as I get a new printer I will print off some resumes and start applying for a job. Heres to an even busier life. =D